dentalessence Burgess Hill Price Guide

We will always do our best to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment.

You will receive an estimate of cost at the start of each course of treatment, which will be reviewed if the costs vary during treatment.

The list below is a guide to our fee structure, all prices are "from" and dependant on individual patients requirements, individual dentists area of expertise and the different laboratories used for the level of work required.

NHS fee list
Band 1 £20.60
Band 2 £56.30
Band 3 £244.30
Urgent Treatment from £20.60
Please note, fees change  
nationally every April.  
Independent fee list
Initial essentials
New Patient Consultation £45.00
(includes 2 small x-rays)  
Routine Examination £25.00
(existing patients)  
X Rays (small) £6.00
Oral hygiene - From...
Simple Clean with dentist £25.00
30 minute Hygienist clean £52.00
45 minute Hygienist clean £72.50
with intensive stain removal  
Fillings - From...
Amalgam (silver) Filling £85.00
Composite (white) Filling £110.00
Root Canal Therapy - From...
Root Canal Treatment  
(single canal) £295.00
With microscope £395.00
(multiple canals) £495.00
With microscope £595.00
Crown and bridge work - From...
Non precious metal crown £295.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown £595.00
(tooth coloured)  
Gold Crown £795.00
Emax/Zirconia Crown £800.00
Bridgework (per unit) £595.00
Porcelain Veneer - From...
veneers £795.00
Professional Tooth Whitening
take home system £395.00
Power Whitening £725.00
Surgical extractions - From...
Simple Extraction £110.00
Complex Extraction £295.00
Wisdom tooth Extraction £305.00
Removable bridges/dentures - From...
Acrylic Denture £595.00
Chrome Denture £1095.00
Ceramic clasp £110.00
Gum shields - From...
Custom made mouth-guard  
(soft) £155.00
(hard) £595.00
Sports-guard £95.00
The invisible brace - From...
Clearstep/Invisalign £1800.00
/Inman Aligner  
Removable Clear aligners (invisible braces)  
per aligner £250.00
Removable Inman aligner £1800.00
Fixed metal braces (train tracks)  
for both jaws £3000.00
Fixed Ceramic brackets (train tracks)  
for both jaws £4000.00
All types of orthodontic treatment will include  
bonded (fixed) retainers in the price.  
Removable clear (Essix) retainers are  
per retainer (jaw) £150.00
Cosmetic and implant based oral health
CT scan £195.00
Single Tooth Implant £1995.00
(incl. ceramic crown)  
Bone grafting £495.00
Mini implants to aid £POA
denture stabilization  
The essence of a perfect smile - From...
Smile design consultation £FREE
Trial smile / Photos / £395.00
Full treatment plan  
Reshape your gums and £495.00
improve your smile line  
Upper teeth treatment £7900.00
(without implants)  
Lower teeth treatment £6900.00
(without implants)  
Upper and lower teeth £13500.00
(without implants)  

The dentalessence plan (0% Finance)

Our dental plan offers you the peace of mind at an affordable price,
with flexibility that suits you.

This makes extensive treatment plans very affordable.

We can now provide finance to our patients for any amount between £500 - £25,000 at 0% APR for 12 months.

This can be used to pay for any type of service and allows our
patients to spread the cost of treatment - interest free.

For more information please contact the practice on 01444 232 292.

dentalessence is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Fees for Out of hours or after hours appointments are separate and will be on a case by case basis

we reserve the right to adjust the fees based on individual complexity - your dentist will confirm the exact fees at the time of your visit