SmileFast – Changing lives by Changing smiles Smile Fast offers predictable results that feature our digital trial smile process, you get to see and feel your new smile before it’s delivered! We take you through the smile fast journey – Predictable process with life changing results. [...]

Mouth Guards


Mouth Guards - for custom-made protection, or a quiet nights sleep This is a bespoke (custom made), silicon based (rubbery) guard which fits exactly and comfortably over the teeth and gums. If you are worried that you may suffer from a sensitive palate and may not [...]



Implants Thought dentures were your only option - not any more Implants are now considered the gold standard when considering tooth replacement options. Whether you're missing one or all of your teeth, there's now an exciting option that will help you smile [...]



Porcelain Veneers - enhance the colour, size and shape of your teeth Your smile is so important! - Many studies have shown that a beautiful smile is the key to personal and professional success. At dentalessence we have created (and continue to create) many beautiful and [...]

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