Smile Design Consultation and Trial Smile – individual solutions to restore your beautiful healthy smile

Our forte at dentalessence is to be able to restore your teeth to a healthy, functional, bright and beautiful smile.

Our full smile assessment is conducted with a smile questionnaire, multiple photos and models of your teeth are taken, x-rays may also be required.

We will then re-create your new dentalessence Trial Smile to show you what your teeth could look like in your mouth and this will help us to discuss your treatment further.

Due to the level of time and commitment that can be required when creating a new smile, we at dentalessence felt that it would be a great idea to allow patients to be able to see what their new teeth could look like before we have even started!

This is what we call our dentalessence trial smile.

Since we have started this technique we have had an almost 100% uptake on treatment plans because our patients have been so impressed by the way their teeth could look.

Please note it can take up to 1-2 weeks to prepare your dentalessence trial smile and none of our cosmetic dentists will complete smile designs until they feel that your entire mouth is in a healthy and stable condition – this may involve visits with the hygienist, prior to beginning any treatment.

Due to the complex nature of some smile designs – we may not always be able to accurately trial your new smile – if we feel this is the case we will advise you of this at your consultation and discuss the alternatives with you.

At the end a fully comprehensive treatment plan will be sent to you following this process detailing all your clinical options and estimate the type of investment that will be required and the time span over which we will aim to complete the treatment planned.