Dentures – precision fit, for a comfortable, natural look

Dentures – these are precision fitting, removable false teeth which can be designed with minimal coverage of the mouth – so they feel comfortable and can be made to look just as nature intended.

The colour, shape and position of teeth can be customised to match your existing teeth when dealing with partial dentures, or can be enhanced to give you a completely new smile with a full and complete denture.

At the same time we are able to restore your facial profile and dimensions by reducing the sagging of the facial muscles commonly associated with the loss of teeth – in essence giving you a more youthful appearance to your face!

If you have lost, or are about to lose, a large number of your own teeth, a complete or partial removable denture might be your best option to restore function and aesthetics.

Modern advances in technology and materials mean we can now produce individualised dentures to suit every need. They can be designed entirely with an acrylic base or with a chrome base design.

Acrylic designs require a lot more coverage in the mouth and some people find that they require a little more getting used to. They are fairly basic in terms of design when compared with the chrome based dentures.

Chrome designs offer our patients greater adaptability due to their sophisticated design and precision fit. They take up less room in the mouth and generally are more readily tolerated when compared with the acrylic based designs.

If part of your treatment involves the provision of one or more crowns (caps) as well as a partial denture in the same area. we can now create a very accurate custom fit between the crowns and the denture – which makes the denture very retentive.

– ask our dental surgeons about custom milled crowns and precision fit chrome dentures
The modern era of comfortable, natural looking and precision fit dentures has been well established at dentalessence and now even denture wearers can look 10 years younger.

If you are not happy with the fit or appearance of your existing denture/dentures then give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.