Mouth Guards – for custom-made protection, or a quiet nights sleep

This is a bespoke (custom made), silicon based (rubbery) guard which fits exactly and comfortably over the teeth and gums.

If you are worried that you may suffer from a sensitive palate and may not tolerate this type of guard, then we can tailor the design to avoid these areas too.

Its principle purpose is to cushion and protect the teeth from damage that may occur during certain contact sports like:

  • boxing
  • wrestling
  • cricket
  • hockey
  • rugby etc.

We can even design your name and team logo on to the sportsguard for complete customisation.

There are also proven benefits of using mouthguards in patients who have a habitual night or day time grinding habit.

Some patients that we see are unaware of these habits as they occur subconsciously during your sleep or whilst you are driving.

If you find that you are waking up with your jaws clenched or with an ache affecting the jaw joints then you may benefit from this type of treatment which is very comfortable and quick. We may also advise patients to partake in some jaw exercises – which can have a huge benefit as well!

Anti Smoring Devices and Sleep Apnoea

Patients who suffer from heavy episodes of snoring and/or sleep apnoea may benefit from the fabrication of specifically designed mouth guards that can help to keep the jaws in a more favourable position during sleep.