Prevention – the key to healthier happier smiles

At dentalessence we feel that the prevention of dental and gum disease is the key to achieving optimum oral health.

This means a brighter and healthier smile for you, which allows you to eat what you want, when you want and lets you smile with the greatest levels of confidence!

Extensive examination

Before any treatment, an extensive assessment of every patient is conducted by our dental surgeons, this includes a full medical, dental and smile assessment questionnaire, (the forms can be downloaded and filled in prior to your visit and are available from the links at the bottom of the page) and x-rays if required.

We, as dental health care professionals, are now more and more vigilant with respect to cancers that may occur in any area of the mouth.

The mortality rate from mouth cancer is high (just over 50% despite patients receiving treatment – with approximately 1500-1700 deaths per year in the UK).

This high rate is as a result of people not going to the dentist regularly and hence associated with late detection – especially where high risk patients are concerned e.g. smokers and heavy drinkers.

(Should we need a second opinion – immediate facilities to refer are already in place to prevent any further delay).

Simple Clean

During every examination we usually remove any obvious gross deposits of plaque (film of dense bacteria) that is visible above the gum.

Gum disease is usually associated with bacteria within the layer of plaque – hence its regular removal is of paramount importance. These bacteria are also very prevalent below the gum level and hence this area must also be regularly targeted.


We believe that our hygienist has an integral role to play in the prevention and maintenance of your oral health.

During your visit with one of our hygienists, your teeth and gums will be fully examined again and plaque, tartar (the hard yellow build up that cannot be removed by tooth brushing alone) and surface stains (usually from tea and coffee etc.) will be gently removed and then at additional cost will be polished with a powerful polishing spray/brush at the end of treatment should you want the stains to be removed as well.

Our hygienists are keen to educate adults and children alike about the most efficient way to use your own toothbrush, along with advice on electronic aids, dental floss and interdental brushes – helping bring your daily cleaning protocol to a truly first class standard.

We will usually recommend that you see the hygienist before and during all extensive or complicated treatments e.g. implants and smile makeovers.

We would prefer that you visit one of our dentists before being seen by our Hygienist – as they will prescribe which areas of your mouth the hygienist needs to concentrate on!

Hygiene Menu

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation of the gum tissues that results in destruction of the underlying bone that holds the teeth. Left untreated, it can cause bleeding gums, bad breath, pain and tooth loss.

Traditional clean

Ultrasonic or hand scale, polish with buffing paste, oral hygiene advice and British Periodontal Examina tion measurements to monitor gum condition – this treatment will be tailored to suit your individual periodontal needs.

Super jet polish

All the benefits of a traditional clean plus a very powerful sand blasting jet is used for deep stain removal – especially beneficial for those stubborn stains caused by smoking, tea, coffee, coke, blackcurrant drinks and red wine (please note this procedure can result in dispersement of debris from the polishing jet on to your face and clothes).

Under 18s hygiene

Ultrasonic or hand scale, polish with buffing paste, oral hygiene advice – includes the use of plaque disclosing tablets so that our hygienist can show you those hard to reach areas.

‘Mummy to be’ clean

Similar to the ‘traditional clean’ – pregnancy can cause tender, inflamed, bleeding gums. This treatment provides that all important care for your gums during pregnancy. Local anaesthetic can be used if your gums are exceptionally tender. A gentle clean at your pace!

Deep clean

An intensive session consisting of deep gum debridement with an ultrasonic or hand scaler, polish with buffing paste, recording of plaque and bleeding indices, comprehensive measurement of gum pocket depths, oral hygiene advice, and irrigation with Chlorohexidine Gluconate antibacterial if required.

Please note, if local anaesthetic is required, or if there is a significant build-up of plaque/tartar, you may require more than one visit to ‘deep clean’ the whole mouth.

Perio chip

PerioChip® is a unique biodegradable chip, which contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate that has been shown to be an effective and safe adjunctive treatment for reduction of pocket depth in patients with periodontitis with a pocket depth greater than or equal to 5mm, when used with scaling and root debridement. The wafer is inserted into the affected gum pocket by your dentist/hygienist and is biodegradable.

Please note that Local Anaesthetic may be provided along with any of the above treatments if required. On some occasions the hygienist may require more than one visit to remove build up from the whole mouth.

Fresh Breath Clinic

Some people are very conscious and embarrassed by the fact that they may have bad breath.

At dentalessence we offer a tailored treatment programme in a caring and professional setting to help our patients overcome this problem.

We understand how suffering from bad breath can impact on you, socially and professionally, and are at hand to restore your self confidence. Our dental surgeons are expertly trained in the science of bad breath and can offer solutions to help regain that freshness and re-build your self esteem.

  • Quick facts:
  • Some causes of bad breath can be related to:
  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • poor oral hygiene and food trapping
  • certain bacteria in the grooves of the tongue</li?
  • poor diet
  • and let’s not forget drinking/smoking.

Sometimes an appointment with our hygienist is enough to restore the freshness to your breath.