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Take a look at our Kiddie Reviews, our little patients also tell us what they think about their teeth and their dentists!

“As always, the service I received from both the reception staff and Dentist, was first class.”

VK (Weybridge) January 2021

“Very impressed!”

SQ (Weybridge) November 2020

“As always friendly professional and caring.”

KS (Worthing) November 2020

“Excellently great I can’t describe in words very much pleased with team Dental Essence Weybridge.”

KS (Weybridge) November 2020

“I have found first class dentistry surrounded with compassion and understanding.
Following a fall with complex issues Maddie could not have been more helpful, the nurse with her was very encouraging.
The on desk team were also very helpful and understanding.”

JR (Burgess Hill) October 2020

“As feedback after my recent appointment, I’d like to record that the dentist and staff were very professional and observed all the necessary precautions. I much appreciate their efforts.”

AB (Burgess Hill) October 2020

“I found the whole experience at Dental Essence very good. The staff were particularly nice and my dentist seemed to be very efficient and above all, caring. I am always nervous when I go to the dentist but did feel at ease.”

SE (Burgess Hill) September 2020

“All very good.”

VC (Burgess Hill) September 2020

“Very good thank you.”

CG (Weybridge) September 2020

“I would like to thank your practice in Burgess Hill and Maddy in particular. I sent an email during lockdown asking to be seen as lockdown eased as my bottom front teeth were loose. And I was one of the first.
And just recently more trouble with the splint on my front teeth and I have been seen twice in quick succession! Maddy has been so kind and patient. I know how difficult the present circumstances are for all the staff and they are unfailingly helpful.”

MR (Burgess Hill) September 2020

“As always very grateful for the kindness and support given from your dental surgery.”

RG (Burgess Hill) September 2020

“Saw Jack who was very efficient and kind.”

JS (Burgess Hill) September 2020

“I am an ex client of yours and unfortunately I had to leave as I’m a Foster Carer and Dental Essence can’t give NHS treatment (only check ups) to our refugee foster children and Social Services will only allow NHS not private costs. Otherwise I’d still be with you! I’m also an A&E Nurse.

I recently had the most awful unexpected gum abscess that literally came up overnight. My own dental practice were neither sympathetic, nor helpful despite me being a private patient with them – they had no time to see me.

I rang dentalessence Worthing and spoke with Helen on reception and explained the situation and how desperate I was to see someone. I was in so much pain and could barely talk let alone swallow and I was also in tears. Helen was so reassuring and sympathetic and basically got me in at 10am that same morning to see Mina. I thanked Helen when I got there, she was so welcoming – she said she empathised with me and I said – No – you really helped me.

Mina was superb and treated me efficiently and effectively and gave me great advice and antibiotics. He has a lovely client manner, very professional, yet reassuring and gentle especially as I just wanted to cry!

I saw Helen again who checked I was ok. She also rang me the next day to see how I was feeling and if everything was alright. I couldn’t believe her amazing and outstanding customer service is – especially as I’m not even a current patient! She certainly went above and beyond to help me and I wanted to make sure you were aware of this! She is an excellent ambassador for your dental surgery.”

SH (Worthing) September 2020

“First time I have been to this dentist, very friendly staff and made me feel at ease with treatment, would recommend to others”

JC (Worthing) September 2020

“I can’t praise James and Ball Tree Dental Care highly enough. He was very caring and professional when removing a difficult tooth on Thursday and took his time to make sure the denture which had a tooth added to it fitted properly today. Would recommend you to anyone”

AG (Sompting) August 2020

“I would like to say thank you to all of the staff for the way I was treated yesterday when I had a tooth extracted. Thanks again. Much appreciated”

TC (Sompting) August 2020

“I wanted to say how much I appreciated both the care and friendliness of Jo and Sarah at my appointment on Tuesday. Working in very difficult conditions I felt very well looked after and an excellent job on two teeth was done. Thank you!”

PW (Sompting) August 2020

“I am very happy with my treatment and I would recommend you to all.”

BB (Worthing) August 2020

“Excellent service yesterday. Dr Ismail is wonderful and everyone else is always very friendly and professional.”

ML (Worthing) July 2020

“I would like you to know that my visit to Dental Essence was as usual very good despite the pandemic upheaval. I was very happy with the procedures you had put in place and felt very comfortable that any risks were minimised. Once again Madhuri was very professional, put me completely at ease and my filling was done very quickly. Thank you Dentalessence and we hope you all keep safe and well.”

ML (Burgess Hill) July 2020

“Both Irene & I are totally satisfied with all the precautions taken, and the care with which Sachin looked after us and his Patients, and the treatment given to us.”

JY (Weybridge) July 2020

“Thank you for your excellent and perfect help.”

SK (Weybridge) July 2020

“Just today everything is just so good since I last saw Andy with my new teeth. They are fitting so well, not one place hurting, I can chew Almonds which are so hard, with no problems at all. Please thank him.”

AE (Burgess Hill) April 2020

“Just a note to say I have followed all Andy’s instructions and my teeth are just as comfortable now as they were when I first left his surgery! Incredible work he did in making my new set of teeth. No going back and forward to get things put right, he is the best you can have to make new teeth!
Please give him my thanks – I’m just delighted with his work!”

AE (Burgess Hill) March 2020

“Denture fitting pretty well once I have got it in, it is a bit tricky to get used to doing that. Thank you Sachin for a great job.”

DB (Weybridge) March 2020

“Thank you so much to Dr Mina for seeing me on Saturday morning and for treating me. I was in agony and now I am not. I am so grateful. I wish you all well in these difficult times.”

MH (Worthing) March 2020

“Thanks to everyone especially Liss, who helped sort out a stressful situation and sent me home happy and relieved. Always grateful for care and attention.”

JL (Weybridge) March 2020

“I would like to thank you guys for always making me welcome and treating me like apart of the family – many thanks”

MP (Burgess Hill) March 2020

“I just wanted to say I would happily give you 10/10 as a longstanding patient! Wonderful surgery for adults and children, Sachin is super, I’m very glad to have him as my dentist!”

HMC (Weybridge) February 2020

“As usual I am delighted and full of praise for Dentalessence; and particularly with Bobby’s treatment.”

MP (Burgess Hill) February 2020

“Always a lovely and pleasant attitude, great treatment”
MB (Weybridge) February 2020

“As ever first class prompt and on time usual friendly attention from the hygienist and reception”
RJ (Weybridge) February 2020

“My experiences have always been nothing but pleasant.”
AT (Burgess Hill) February 2020

“I find the 2 ladies I see there so very helpful and make me feel comfortable.”
NT (Weybridge) January 2020

“Great job thank you. As always Robert looked after me, I broke my filling but Robert managed to repair the tooth.”
SR (Burgess Hill) January 2020

Excellent service combined with compassion and attention for my Three
score years (plus an extra Thirty Two)
Wow am I really that old, must be nearly past my “Sell by date”.”

RB (Burgess Hill) January 2020

“All of you at Dental Essence make my visit to you a pleasurable experience from the time I walk into the Surgery I get a warm welcome, am recognised by the staff and any fears I have vanish. My dentist is the best and believe it or not I always look forward to the next visit. Whatever you are all doing keep it up because its great.”

DW (Burgess Hill) January 2020

“Excellent service friendly staff wonderful experience going to the dent3 for my treatment.”

RG (Burgess Hill) January 2020

“I just wanted to contact you to say thank you for decorating your business at Christmas and Halloween, it makes my commute to work brighter each day around those occasions and am sure other people enjoy them too.”

ES (Burgess Hill) January 2020

“As always – great greeting / reception ; Bobby as always the consummate professional – add it up , happy teeth , happy client … & HAPPY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR !”

JT (Burgess Hill) December 2019

“I just wanted to send a huge thank you for both Issy and Bobby (and their assistants and the reception staff).

I have been managing a painful, infected tooth which needed extraction but due to my daughter being ill and needing a lot of hospital attention, I had to keep cancelling or rushing from appointments.

To cut a long story short, the other day, it was clear the tooth needed to come out ASAP. The reception staff were so brilliant and finding me a slot to see Issy for assessment, then Issy so kindly sorted an appropriate appointment time with Bobby and I’ve just been today.

The tooth was quickly and painlessly removed by Bobby. I’m am so grateful. Tow sets of Antibiotics simply hadn’t managed it, so it was going to create a lot of issues over Xmas and new year if it hadn’t gone and I’d been in a lot of pain.

So thank you all. I really have appreciated all of your kindness and care. I’m a nightmare patient as I am so over sensitive in my teeth and you have all been really considerate, caring and efficient…especially Issy.

Bless you all. I wish you all a happy Xmas break and a wonderful New Year.

In appreciation.”

PK (Burgess Hill) December 2019

“A big thankyou to Lith and the team for being so kind and seeing me yesterday. Thank you for listening, offering me support, providing me with a second opinion and for treating my feelings with respect.

Because of the pain I have been in (really quite severe) I was losing the ability to see straight and just needed someone to take their time and give me feedback.

Thanks again, I got a better nights sleep and, although still in pain felt reassured and less nervous! Looking forward to healing now.”

RC (Weybridge) December 2019

“I just wanted to send an email to say a big thank you for your kind donation of the box of toothpastes for our Roots Charity Orphanage in Sri Lanka.

We are putting this in to a Christmas gift bag for each orphan along with other items our staff have donated like colouring pens, hair bit and bobs…. They desperately need toothpaste so this is much appreciated…. Something we take for granted to have toothpaste and yet something a child would be delighted to receive in a Christmas gift…

Thank you once again.”

Prax Foundation (Weybridge) November 2019

“Excellent in all respects.”
EK (Burgess Hill) November 2019

“The latest equipment that you have installed in your Burgess Hill practice has certainly improved the experience/comfort in respect of major dental work when carried out. Gone are the days, thank goodness, where pain/discomfort was part of the normal experience when visiting the dentist.”
AA (Burgess Hill) November 2019

RN (Burgess Hill) November 2019

“Great I can’t find a cleaner & a better staff management any where ,very friendly very much down to earth caring and advising in comfort to the clients.”
KS (Weybridge) November 2019

“First class treatment couldn’t have shown more care and compassion I felt very safe and cared for.”
JR (Burgess Hill) October 2019

“You kindly sent a text reminder for my appt. I had to cancel but was lucky to get an appt two days later. Thank you. Blandina is always so jolly.”
MH (Weybridge) October 2019

“I am very pleased with and most grateful for the excellent care and attention that I have received.”

MC (Burgess Hill) September 2019

“I was as usual, extremely happy with my treatment both at your reception desk and in the dental chair, when I saw Bobby last week.”

JB (Burgess Hill) September 2019

“1st class all round.”

PO (Weybridge) August 2019

“Very attentive service as always. Pleasant and helpful reception staff.”

CC (Weybridge) August 2019

“The visit starts with the receptionists, friendly and welcoming and have always been this way. A very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

My appointments with Maddie have always been pleasant and very caring. She always takes time to explain whatever questions I have and her suggestions are always taken favourably. I feel very comfortable and happy with her as my dentist.”

VKM (Burgess Hill) June 2019

“It was a good experience. Ismail is a lovely man and doesn’t make me feel nervous visiting the dentist.”

ME (Burgess Hill) June 2019

“I am so very pleased with my new smile; so pleased you took in to consideration the “whole mouth” and not just the two veneers, great work. Thank you so much for my transformed smile and lovely teeth.

You have such an ‘alive’ dental practice; a reflection of those ‘at the top’ !”

MM (Burgess Hill) June 2019

“Score 5 out of 5 – your service is excellent”

SC (Burgess Hill) June 2019

“I just want to say Thank you for always delivering exceptional customer service from the phone call, to reception, to actually seeing my dentist Ismail Ayub, The service has always been excellent and I just want to say thankyou!”

BKM (Burgess Hill) May 2019

“As always excellent service, as someone who has always been nervous of going to the dentist Bobby has given me the confidence I have always lacked. Once again thank you for helping me overcome my fears.”

PS (Burgess Hill) April 2019

“Excellent service as usual.”

CC (Weybridge) April 2019

“I was happy, especially with the receptionist, who booked me urgently despite being fully booked”

YK (Weybridge) March 2019

“Sachin! Thank You so much for my transformed smile and lovely teeth. Coming out of the shock stage at last (along w/my comfortable front crown) and all very pleased and so grateful you took into account my ‘whole mouth’ to include the 5 teeth!

You have such an ‘alive’ dental practice; a reflection of those “at the top” !”

MM (Burgess Hill) March 2019

“Very prompt professional service.”

MM (Burgess Hill) March 2019

“My visit to dentalessence was fantastic I’m not the new patient and I’m very nervous your guys were amazing at keeping me calm through my processes – many thanks”

PC (Burgess Hill) March 2019

“Very good as always, staff friendly, and I had 2 teeth remove with no problems and no side affect very happy”

NT (Burgess Hill) March 2019

“Thank you Maria, Claire and all the staff at Worthing. this is just a token of my appreciation for the kindness you’ve shown me over the past few years, especially as going to the dentist is somewhere near the bottom of the list of things I look forward to – best regards”

BA (Worthing) February 2019

“Splendid – lovely staff!”

MH (Burgess Hill) February 2019

“I felt compelled to email in order to let you know how appreciative we were of your exceptional staff this afternoon.

Both my daughter and myself had a check up at 5pm. The dentist and her assistant were outstanding. I am a very reluctant and anxious patient- their manner, approach and technique were superb. The dentist was incredibly gentle and explained everything so thoroughly. I have never received such excellent dental care.

You are very fortunate to have such wonderful staff- we are thrilled that they are on your team.”

TPR (Worthing) January 2019

“Very good session with Maddi – good anaysis of where I was up to with teeth and immediate action re problem that was identified – no fuss – no bother – minimal discomfort with treatment – went out a happy man – excellent service – also with reception staff – friendly, helpful – efficient –
Enjoyed a laugh with them – great – will come again! forever!”

CR (Burgess Hill) November 2018

“When I walk into Dental Essence I am immediately greeted with warm smiles by the Reception Staff, they are a really lovely group of ladies and it is pleasure to chat to them, if time permits.
And then when I am called into Dr Sachin Anand’s surgery I always get another very warm welcome, it almost feels like being an old friend of the family. Sachin has managed to erase all anxiety about going to see a dentist and has done excellent work on my teeth. He is so patient in explaining the work he is going to undertake and making sure you are comfortable at all times during the treatment. I am lucky to have such a good dentist and recommend him to anyone.”

IW (Burgess Hill) November 2018

“Sachin – thank you for yesterday. I am very blessed to have such a highly-skilled and EXTREMELY patient dentist.”

SB (Burgess Hill) October 2018

“My experiences at Dentalessence are the very best you could find, Dr Sachin and his team are just wonderful and so skilful with all types of dentistry in my opinion. I just can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me with my dental care.

The minute you walk through the door one is greeted with a friendly warm welcome by the ladies on reception they are so caring and conscientious towards their patients, They are just a great team at Dentalessence.

A big thank you to all.”

MG (Burgess Hill) October 2018

“I wanted to say that my experience was excellent. I found the three ladies at the Reception very welcoming & helpful and the lady dentist who dealt with my problem competent & kind. As a proof of our satisfaction, I registered my wife with your practice & she has booked an appointment with you next month.”

YK (Weybridge) October 2018

“Just a line to say thankyou for my new denture.
After losing my front upper teeth whilst on active service in Oman, I have had many dentures over the years which have caused me to have more extractions due to chips and wires etc. I also had to remove my last one to eat.
From the consultation to the finished denture I have found your care and treatment first class.

Verdict on denture:

Fit – excellent
Colour match – excellent
Function – excellent
Comment from family – excellent

I can now eat without embarrassment.”

ND (Worthing) October 2018

“I was afraid about visiting a dentist. I had not had my teeth checked for twenty years. My three main fears were embarrassment at the very poor state of my teeth and what any dentist was likely to say, worry about the cost of fixing them and fear of the pain that so much treatment might entail.
I finally plucked up courage to visit Dental Essence because of your reputation for treating nervous patients.
I couldn’t have been more pleased with my dentist, Dr Ismael (‘Issy’) Ayub and the treatment he recommended and carried out so professionally and caringly. Issy diligently and patiently helped me confront the issues facing my teeth and we discussed options for treatment based on their effectiveness and cost. Luckily I needed only two extractions and we agreed upon a treatment plan that I could afford and that could easily be revisited should any of the treatment approaches not prove suitable for particular teeth.
Issy was non-judgemental, highly professionally skilled and gentle, working extremely hard on my teeth over a succession of weekly appointments to deliver exactly what he had recommended. I couldn’t have been more impressed and thankful!
Thank you again for your excellent treatment and I look forward to returing for my check-up!”

JS (Worthing) September 2018

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on my dental appointment with Rob Sword yesterday.
I was booked in to have my wisdom tooth extraction and to say that I was nervous would have been an understatement!
The actual procedure was more uncomfortable than I thought it was going to be – a lot of pressure and twisting but Rob was so calm and reassuring, along with the first and second nurses who came into the room. The second lady even held my hand and was quite happy for me to squeeze it (hard!).
They were all simply brilliant by being so kind and understanding to a quivering wreck!
Thank you so much.”
LI (Burgess Hill) July 2018

“A fantastic dentist. Very friendly staff. Can’t be faulted.”
SF (Burgess Hill) February 2018

I just wanted to thank you for fitting me in as a patient, within the practise. I had 2 fillings today and i wanted to let you know that Margarita was amazing. As a person who is needle phobic, she kept me calm as she injected my mouth, several times, for the procedure. Very steady hands, so only one of 3 injections caused a little discomfort, which was more due to the area being numbed. I won’t say i enjoyed myself, but it was definitely the most relaxed time i have had in a dental chair, in many a year. The dental nurse who supported Margarita, was also very professional and supportive. I hope you can pass on my thanks to them both, as going to the dentist has always been quite traumatic for me, in the past.
FA (Burgess Hill) January 2018

“I was very satisfied with my experience. Everything was explained to me fully, my understanding of the braces I needed and the process of getting them was made very clear. It’s all gone really quickly too which I’m really happy with. ”
BB (Burgess Hill) January 2018

“This dental surgery is first class. All the staff are always so friendly and helpful. My dentist is lovely and always makes me feel very relaxed. He explains things well too. Can’t recommend enough. ”
via patient on NHS Choices January 2018

“What a successful and trouble-free appt today!!!!!! – wouldn’t have achieved that without all your help and patience. I’m sure you know that I really really appreciate it. I’m so glad you are my dentist!”
SB (Burgess Hill) January 2018

“I just joined dental essence as a recommendation from a friend. I had my appointment with the treatment co ordinator Bridget and before I attended the appointment I was really worried as I hadn’t been to the dentist in quite a while but Bridget made me feel at ease and quickly I felt so much better. She was very friendly and I can’t thank her enough for making me feel so welcome and making my dentist experience a good one. I would highly recommend the dentist to others and will recommend to my friends as both Bridget and Maddie the dentist were amazing.”
SH (Burgess Hill) December 2017

“I will remain as your patient until death do us part at no matter what cost. I shall never find another denist like you.”
DW (Burgess Hill) November 2017

“I am so happy with the care you have given me in the past and completely trust you with any dental problems I may incur as time goes on.”
MC (Burgess Hill) November 2017

“You are the most competent and definitely the nicest dentist I have ever had the pleasure to visit..”
JA (Burgess Hill) November 2017

“I know it’s not even 24hrs since you jiggled about with ‘the teeth’ but already I notice such a difference comfort wise and eating, you really are a star.
I’m certain all your brilliant craftsmanship will benefit me in the long run. Like I’ve said the difference today is quite remarkable, thank you sooooooo much.”
MS (Burgess Hill) November 2017

“I am a very nervous and elderly patient, I cannot recommend both Rob and Bridget highly enough.
They treated me with kindness and understanding.
I now have a brand new smile which I am delighted with, Rob did an excellent job.
Thank you so much.”
GW (Burgess Hill) October 2017

“Thanks a million for the miracle.”
SB (Burgess Hill) October 2017

“Hi Bridget, I was really impressed and happy with the treatment and service. Thanks for taking the time to go through the options with me.”
SJ (Burgess Hill) October 2017

“To brighten your Monday – I’m LOVING my new smile!”
SM (Burgess Hill) September 2017

“Just felt I had to write and thank you for your patience and care this afternoon. Such patience and such skill are a fantastic combination and I shall certainly be singing your praises to my friends.”
SB (Burgess Hill) August 2017

“Bridget, please accept an 11 star rating as appropriate feedback, as I think the help you have given me with regards to the dental plan and financing of said plan to be above and beyond the call of duty.

I therefore thank you for your patience, time and understanding when explaining the above to me as I’m quite out of my depth on a lot of it.

I have a fluent understanding of the sciences but never really understood banking finance, I also therefore think you should be entitled to a payrise and bonus for excellence performed in your employed position.

Most of all you rock!”

DR (Burgess Hill) July 2017

“Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you sent me to celebrate my 90th birthday. Most unexpected and a great joy. I had a lovely day, followed by a party the next day.”

IL (Burgess Hill) May 2017

“I’m Looking for a good dentist – heard amazing things about you.”

AS (Worthing) May 2017

“I had not had an extraction for 55 years! At that time dentistry was fairly basic and my abiding memory of that was fear and pain.

Not so this time. Vas and Becky were excellent. Both put me at my ease and Vas, on several occasions, clearly explained the process and asked if I was happy to proceed.

I can safely say that the process was painless and quick. Equally their advice and offers of support after the event were equally good.

Whilst it’s not something I want to go through every Wednesday, it has certainly removed my fear of “the chair”.”

GJ (Worthing) April 2017

“I have been trying to find a dentist as we moved to the area a while ago. I am very nervous of dentists myself and have a daughter with Asperger’s who finds just sitting in the dentist chair anxiety provoking.

I cannot speak highly enough of Trish on reception who was helpful, kind, understanding and professional. As a first point of contact she really is an asset to the service. She has certainly made me feel less anxious about our forthcoming appointments.

Thank you!”

KW (Burgess Hill) April 2017

“Thank you so much for all your hard work restoring my tooth.

I really appreciate your skill, time, care and attention to detail.

Thanks for Charity too for her calm and efficient assistance, a Dream Team!”

SF (Worthing) March 2017

“Dr Cordero Bayo, I trust this message finds you very well.

It is 7.51 am and I am still waiting for the pain I was nervously expecting to kick in any time.

No pain, nothing, not even the gums are sore.

The painkillers remain untouched, sad for them, good for me.

You probably hear this a lot but – You are amazing.

This experience really changes the sad life of all my teeth, every single one of them lived a life in fear and uncertainty, because seeing their fellow teeth die and eventually leave, left a dark stain in their little teeth souls.

I cannot express how relieved and happy I am to now get all my teeth sorted and finish it all off with some cosmetic work I would like to focus on after my treatments.

So thank you very much for saving my teeth, my smile and making this root canal treatment so very pleasant.

I never thought I would say this but I am looking forward to my next appointment at Dentalessence.

Please also forward my kindest regards to your lovely nurse.

Again thank you ever so much, all the best.”

JR (Worthing) March 2017

“I have had so many compliments regarding my dental work, and I would like to say how efficient and friendly the whole practice is.”

GT (Worthing) March 2017

“Thank you Dr Sachin Anand for your precise and successful work with my teeth, also for your patience and skill in explaining and completing the different stages of my treatment.

I feel very well looked after by you and your team.

There is a caring and friendly atmosphere at dentalessence which is evident through the whole process of treatment from the receptionists to the dental chair.

With many thanks to you all for your kindness and encouragement.”

CH (Burgess Hill) January 2017

“I have THE biggest phobia of dentists following a not-so-good experience when I was younger.

I hadn’t been to the dentist in years but, six months ago, I chipped one of my front teeth and had no choice but to register with a new dentist and get my tooth sorted.

To say I was nervous was a complete and utter understatement.

I was petrified! I cannot recommend Dentalessence enough.

From the moment I rang them up to make an appointment, to the moment I walked through the door and spoke to the lovely receptionists, who made me feel so welcome and at ease, I knew I had picked the right place.

My dentist, Dr Shal, is amazing and has made me feel so at ease with all the treatment I’ve had so far, that I no longer have that phobia.

And Claire the hygienist is wonderful.

Going to the dentist now doesn’t bother me.

Thank you Dentalessence for restoring my faith in dentists!”

SW (Worthing) December 2016

“When I arrived for my 11am appointment, there were no seats and a waiting room full of customers.

Upon arrive, your receptionist welcomed me by name and promptly offered the spare chair behind the desk for me to sit on.

More people arrived and more chairs were found from the staffroom…but still your receptionist kept smiling.

She was polite, friendly and professional throughout this difficult part of her shift.

I originally booked an emergency appointment due to extreme toothache.

However, because of how friendly and professional your staff have been (particularly the young lady on reception), I would be very happy to come back-and will recommend you to friends.

Thank you for making a potentially rubbish visit to the dentist, a very enjoyable one!”

JG (Worthing) November 2016

“My dental experience was excellent.

Very pleasant Dentist “Mo” and very caring towards me.

Result was brilliant, very pleased”

CB (Worthing) November 2016

“I have never had my teeth properly cleaned by a hygienist before so I was terrified as I have a bit of a dental phobia.

Oh my goodness Claire is a star, she is kind, patient and numbed my mouth so I could not feel anything.

I have to go again in a few weeks but I don’t mind this time.

Thank you for restoring my confidence in dentists and hygienists.

Please do not change or move away.”

EE (Worthing) July 2016

“Dr Rob Sword, many thanks for your excellent treatment in the last couple of years.

You are the best dentist I have been treated by.”

WS (Burgess Hill) May 2016

“The team at Dental Essence Burgess Hill go above and beyond to provide a superb service.

From personal experience Trish, Jocelyn and Diksha on reception are always very friendly and willing to help.

They are the best receptionists I know! Bobby is by far the best dentist I’ve ever used and always has time to answer any questions.

I have used both their standard services and also completed Fast Brace treatment.

Throughout the last few years the whole team have been excellent and I would highly recommend them – I will never go anywhere else now.”

JW (Burgess Hill) March 2016

“You are so kind and an AMAZING dentist.

Thank-you so much for putting up with me, you are a truly unique person who I am extremely lucky to have as my dentist.

I think the film crew should re interview me!

Just imagine what I could say now!!

THANK-YOU for everything.”

SB (Burgess Hill) – March 2016

“Dr Sachin Anand is my mothers dentist and I would like to be able to let everyone know what a fabulous service is given to my Mum.”

CR (Burgess Hill) – March 2016

“Just to say thanks very much for my crown if you pardon the pun it fits like a glove!

You and your team made the two visits very bearable and I am very pleased with the outcome.”

ME (Burgess Hill) – February 2016

“I wanted to Thank Bobbi and all the team for their continue friendly and excellent care.

Bobbi did a root canal treatment for me this week and it was such a relief to be free from pain and comfortable again.

He is a whizz with those anaesthetic injections and the procedure was done and dusted in no time at all and I feel human again.

Thank you so much.

You guys are great.”

CT (Burgess Hill) – February 2016

“Having had braces fitted for just 4 months I am delighted with the results which have give me greater confidence.

Shal was extremely professional, friendly and explained the progress and treatment thoroughly.

The procedure I received was quick, efficient and Shal, being a perfectionist made sure I completed the programme fully.

I am very happy with my experiences at dentalessence and all the team are excellent in their roles.”

CS (Worthing) – December 2015

“I have been coming to dentalessence for twelve years and have found that they provide an excellent service.

Dr Kumar showed detailed and sensitive examination of my teeth whilst exercising appropriate enquiry of my personal circumstances.

This was shown by enquiring after illness and events that were shared in a previous visit.

I therefore highly recommend dentalessence to anyone in the Broadwater area in search of a first class dentist.

(The dental nurses and reception staff are also efficient and …. Good looking!).”

RF (Worthing) – December 2015

“I first came to see Dr Vas in September 2014 with very bad teeth. I literally never smiled and had no confidence in myself at all.

I had numerous root canal treatments and six crowns in total. All the treatment was virtually pain free.

Dr vas has transformed my life. I didn’t like talking to people and as I am on a front desk, this was very difficult, but now I love smiling and I am talking all the time.”

RW (Worthing) – December 2015

“I had a “rotten” tooth and had decided to have it extracted. I had heard about implants wondered if this might be a suitable type of replacement.

At my initial appointment, I explained this and enquired about the alternatives open to me. A range of ideas were put to me. At the same time the dentist (Vasilis) made clear his professional recommendations and explained fully the reasons for each.

His preference for an implant as the best alternative agreed with my own idea. Costs and the stages of treatment were all fully explained to me.

The treatment proceeded throughout exactly as it had been explained to me. The treatment itself and the “bedside manner “ of Vasilis and the other staff was professional, thoroughly competent and courteous throughout.

As someone who has never regarded a visit to the dentist well, this could hardly have been better for me.

I am intending to have a second implant next year and I know that I can have full confidence in dentalessence in carrying it out.”

SW (Worthing) – December 2015

“Maddy is the kindest dentist I have ever come across and also the dental nurse who supports her is amazing. They are both patient and very caring.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for today and not forgetting the front desk staff who are always friendly and helpful.

RP (Burgess Hill) – October 2015

“Bobby, fantastic work on my daughters brace treatment!”

SH (Burgess Hill) – October 2015

“Thank you for treating the family. You restored my terrible fear of dentists and I especially found your reception staff not only welcoming but calming and really kind too.

I think that really helped me as the waiting for the inevitable appointment was half the panic.

They were hugely kind to my small children too which was so lovely and greatly appreciated as waiting with little people is normally like pulling teeth in itself.”

NC (Burgess Hill) – September 2015

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for being a warm, welcoming team from the moment of arrival with lovely smiles at the front desk.

Bobby – you are a star and I am fully recovered after your amazing extraction of my horrid tooth!

Much appreciation and best regards.”

SJ (Burgess Hill) – September 2015

“Thank you so much for fitting me in to see Sachin on Monday morning.

I have a very jagged broken tooth and with Rob away, I really appreciate your kindness in finding an appointment for me and I just wanted to write and say thanks.”

ND (Burgess Hill) – July 2015

“Hi, Bobby, thank you so much for the photos, I am not sure I enjoyed the ‘before’ photos!

Of course you can feel free to use any of them how you want to, if it helps patients see what can be achieved.

The family were amazed at the transformation to the new me.

I am so enjoying eating properly again.”

CB (Burgess Hill) – June 2015

“I would just like to thank you for your complete care and consideration to me whilst having treatment, I was so nervous about dentists that I stayed away for approx 7 years!!!!

Now after meeting you I can honestly say that I have no reservations about seeing you for my next appointment.

Thank you once again for your kindness and your gentlessence!!!”

NH (Worthing) – June 2015

“I have had my new teeth for a whole day now and eaten a proper meal today at our friends’ house and they feel very natural.

I am very pleased with them and they look so natural.”

AL (Burgess Hill) – May 2015

“Just wanted to say thank you so much. It was a very positive experience and Dr Kumar really put me at ease.”

CR (Worthing) – April 2015

“To Shal and all at dentalessence, big thanks for giving me back my smile, all the best.”

MM (Weybridge) – April 2015

“I have had a safe trip back to South Africa and all is well with my new teeth.

I would like to thank you for changing my life. I now feel much more confident when smiling and talking.

My gums are healing nicely and I will let you know if there are any problems.”

KDB (Burgess Hill) – April 2015

“Wife had treatment at your place in week. She’s terrified of dentists but came out smiling, so well done DE, she normally has to be dragged in screaming.”

PH (Worthing) – April 2015

“Just to let you know my teeth are looking and behaving very well.

The wedding was a great success and a very happy occasion. I even had a compliment from my daughter’s friend that I “have lovely teeth”, which made us roar with laughter.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next appointment.

Very best wishes.”

AL (Burgess Hill) – April 2015

“I was nervous and scared about going to any dentist, until a friend told me about Dentalessence in Worthing.

When I met Dr Shal she made me feel at ease and more comfortable.

Dr Shal and her assistant were very caring and gentle.

The treatment I had was without doubt, very good and for further treatments my nervousness had gone and I never thought I could go to a dentist and say that. I trust her and all the staff.

Highly recommended.”

RS (Worthing) – March 2015

“I would like to thank Mo and staff for the care and attention given to me on my visits to have Veneers fitted.

Mo explain everything he needed to do and the consideration given to me was exceptional, even giving up his lunch to collect the veneers from the Technicians because the wouldn’t have been there for my appointment.

Couldn’t ask more. Mo and his assistant are a great duo.

I would also like to thank the Receptionists as they do a grand job arranging appointments and are always helpful.”

AS (Worthing) – March 2015

“To Jo and staff, Many thanks for the lovely flowers and kind wishes they came as a wonderful surprise.

I’m now back home after my ’10 day hospital adventure’ and feeling more normal (for me) by the day.

Hoping to see you in May.”

BL (Worthing) – March 2015

” am very pleased that Dr Bayo is my dentist, I have always found Jose to be very professional and extremely efficient in dealing with the problems I have had.

The practice is caring and the staff try very hard to accommodate the needs of their patients.”

RC (Worthing)- March 2015

“I am so happy to have got Shalini Anand of dentalessence as my new dental surgeon.

She has had to do a lot of remedial work, which has been well explained and near painless, and carried out meticulously I fully recommend her five star treatment!”

HW (Worthing) – March 2015

“I wanted to write a little note to say a very big thank you for your wonderfully successful and clean extraction on my wisdom teeth yesterday.

I was a little nervous but your expertise and reassurance entrusted me in your capable hands throughout the procedure.

I haven’t had any bleeding and the holes are heeling nicely so far so I hope you manage to have some time to enjoy your weekend!

Thank you once again, I was very impressed and extremely satisfied with the work you did.”

RS (Burgess Hill) – Feb 2015

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have done on my teeth over the last two and a bit years.

Unfortunately I recently broke the only bridge you hadn’t replaced.

As it was at the front I felt the need to find a nearby dentist (not 5 hours drive away) very quickly, albeit that it took me three days to find one that could see me within two months, they were able to give me an appointment within the week.

In order to get a reasonable price for the work I had to sign up to a plan. So far they have also been very patient and understanding, just like you.

After 15 years of not finding a truly satisfactory dentist I had given up hope, you restored my faith in dentists.

Something I will never forget, thank you.

Please pass on my thanks also to all the reception staff who have always been friendly and helpful.”

CR (Burgess Hill)- Oct 2014

“Sachin, I really wanted to write and thank you for your help over the many months you have been treating me.

Your patience and understanding have been more than I could have hoped for.

All your staff have been extremely kind to me and I feel they have got to know me as I have them.

I must of course mention Aoife who has done everything possible to make my visits (almost) a pleasure.

Again, may I say, you yourself have been kindness itself and I would be glad to recommend your services whenever I can.”

JD (Burgess Hill) – June 2014

“I have been coming to dentalessence for some time now and more recently was able to invest in some cosmetic treatments.

I saw Dr Bobby and he was amazing.

A real gent and someone who clearly has a real talent for making great smiles.

I am beaming from ear to ear – thanks to all the guys.”

AJ (Hayward’s Heath) – January 2014

“Amazing – Affordable.

A real treat even though my boyfriend paid for my tooth whitening.”

GS (Brighton) – December 2013

“Being petrified of the dentist I finally came to see Dr Anand through a recommendation for some implants.

He showed me how the process works and guided me through lots of photos/videos of what can be done and how quick it can be.

Needless to say I have never been more confident with my smile.”

SJ (Ditchling)- November 2013

“After my daughter came to see Bobby she was so impressed that she signed us all up and I don’t even live in England!!

Especially good when it comes to the kiddies.”

JSH (Dubai) – November 2013

“Professional through and through.

This place is so relaxing I actually fell asleep whilst having my roots out!!

Bring on the crown.”

JH (St Gerorges Hill)- October 2013

“A little bit pricey but well worth it.

Thanks Sachin you are a true artist…”

BA (St Georges Hill) – September 2013

“Many thanks to Dr Sachin Anand for suggesting that he could make me a chrome based upper denture which would custom fit some crowns that I need to have replaced.

I was having difficulty in eating with the few top teeth that I had left and was going to lose two more teeth. Implants were not a financially viable option at this time and so an alternative had to be sort.

The first part of the treatment was to make an acrylic plate which fitted very well over the few months it was in use with no problems – this helped me get used to a new bite.

When it came to fitting the new crowns and custom fitting chrome denture this was a triumph – a perfect fit the first time!
Eating is now a pleasure once more!

I would also like to thank the lab technician who was there for most of the appointments…”

DH – February 2012

“I joined the practice last year and I must say how happy I have been with the care provided by Shalini and all the staff.

Shalini is lovely, always friendly and kind. The appointments are generally on time as well.

I would happily recommend Shalini and the practice to my friends and family.”

“I was recommended Dr Shal and the Inman Aligner by a friend. I had been through fixed train tracks as a teenager, which improved my teeth, but they were still slightly crossed over in places.

It annoyed me! For me, the Inman Aligner was a great solution because of the speed of the correction. I am delighted with the end result….it was definitely worth it.”


“Dr Anand took great care to explain all options and costs in great depth and managed to keep me comfortable and relaxed during lengthy treatment even though I had previously been too scared to visit a dentist for 20 years.

I am extremely happy with the end result and would recommend the practice and Dr Anand to anyone.

Many thanks”

“Visiting the dentist is quite an ordeal for anyone of us. However the friendly staff and highly qualified group of dentists make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Shalini, my dentist, took exemplary care of me (and my teeth) throughout my six month treatment.

Shalini is very exacting about her standard of work, and her sincerity in giving advice or answering any questions you have makes you feel you have received the best treatment possible.”