Independent Fee Guide

X-rays (each) £10
On the day emergency/New Patient with dentist including any X-rays £59.00
Examination £59.00
Simple Scale and Polish with dentist £35.00
Hygienist from £65.00
Re-cement of crown/bridge £45.00
Temporary filling £65.00
Denture repair £185.00
Extraction (per tooth, not including wisdom teeth) from £195.00
Extraction (widom tooth) POA
Stage 1 Root Canal £295.00
Stage 2 Root Canal £300.00
Re-Root Canal £695
White Filling £195.00
Crown from £695.00
Fixed Retainer (per jaw) £300.00
Removable Retainer £150.00
Mouth Guard £180.00
Composite Bonding From £200.00
Veneers From £795.00
Implants From £2000.00
Braces Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth from £1800.00

Please note, following your visit with the dentist, it may become apparent that further more complex dental work is required. If this is the case, we will give you a further treatment estimate – written or verbally.


Band 1 £23.80
Band 2 £65.20
Band 3 £282.80
Band 4 (Urgent Treatment) £23.80

Please note:

Fees change nationally every April.

Patients that have not been seen within 18 months will be automatically de registered from our NHS list, we will aim to send reminders but it is the patients responsibility to keep their NHS appointments within the 18 months.