Hygienist - Claire


I Qualified at University College London 1990 CEB Dip DH and Expanded Duties and Orthodontics at Birmingham Dental Hospital 1995. My dental career commenced working alongside an eminent Oral Maxilla Facial Surgeon in the NHS.

I have undertaken Beauty Therapy courses over the last few years as everyone should enjoy their own face. I get excited with the transformation of the face and smile and the health of the Oral Cavity. My aim is to help poor periodontal health patients strive to health. Cosmetic whitening excites me and have attended an Invisalign course which my colleagues at dentalessence offer as well as implants and Botox and Fillers which complete the “Journey of the Smile”.

I hope to undertake nutrition courses this following year as I feel this will extend my knowledge of nutrition within dentistry, love building up Hygiene within practises. I am a conscientious professional with over 25 years experience. The majority of my experience and working career has been in private practice in Central London and latter yrs in West Sussex.

After back packing I had not only a career but 2 children. The travels stopped except to dance lessons and sports fixtures but now travelling is looming again…