Independent Fee Guide – all prices “from”

Please note that all exams or consultations are £45 and then all additional treatments are charged on top of this.

Finance options are available, so you can now spread the cost of your treatment.

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Dental examination/Consultation Appt £45.00 plus any additional treatment(s)
Simple Scale and Polish (with dentist) £35.00
Scale and polish for stain removal (with dentist) £47.00
Hygienist £65.00 (per visit)
White fillings £199
Temporary filling £69.00
Porcelain bonded to metal crown £699
Porcelain metal-free crown £899
Full Gold Crown From £999
Re-cement of crown/bridge £50
Veneer From £795
Post £199
Bridgework (porcelain bonded to metal) £699 per unit
Root Canal Treatment £599 (+£100 if Endoscope used)
Antibiotics £12.00
Simple Extraction £195 Anterior £210 Posterior
Surgical Extraction £250 to £350
Wisdom tooth extraction From £350
Implant (single) From £2500
Bone augmentation From £500
Periodontal treatment From £120 per quadrant
Chrome Denture (Partial) From £950
Chrome Denture (Full) From £1200
Acrylic Denture (Partial) From £799
Acrylic Denture (Full) From £950
Immediate/Temporary Acrylic Denture From £395
Addition of tooth to a denture/repair From £125 per tooth
Child dental health assessment (under 18) FREE (if parent had exam in the last 12 months
Filling/Extraction (deciduous teeth) £60
Root Canal Therapy (deciduous teeth) £197
Crown (deciduous teeth) £197
Treatment on children on adult teeth Full adult prices apply
Adult Clear Braces (Invisalign) From £1700 per jaw
Adult Fixed Braces From £1500 per Jaw
IV Sedation £375 per hour
Teeth whitening £399
Mouthguard £240 (Hard) £160 (Soft)
SmileFast – up to 4 teeth £2000
SmileFast – up to 6 teeth £2600
SmileFast – up to 8 teeth £3200
SmileFast – up to 10 teeth £3800

We may need to adjust fees based on individual complexity – your dentist will confirm the exact fee at the time of your visit.

Please note, prices may vary depending on individual complexity.

Facial Aesthetic treatments

Anti-wrinkle injection prices
1 Area £180
2 Areas £225
3 Areas £270
Any extra areas add £50
Men’s treatment add £45
Areas done as a single treatment
Frown lines £180
Forehead lines £180
Crows feet £180
Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) £325
Masseter muscle reduction (facial slimming, clenching & grinding) £245
Nefertiti Neck lift (platysma bands) £245
Cobbled chin £150
Nose tip lift £150
Bunny lines (Lines on nose) £150
Cheek lines £150
Down turned smile/mouth £150
Eyebrow lift £150
Skin Booster prices
Profhilo – Injectable collagen and elastin boosting hyaluronic acid
From £200
Course of two treatments £420
Hydrobooster – Injectable hyaluronic acid combined with glycerol
From £195
Course of three treatments £560
Seventy Hyal – A high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid
From £195
Course of three treatment £560
Dermal filler prices
Lips (0.7ml) from £185
Lips (1ml) from £250
Cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jawline & chin contouring
First, 1ml syringe £275
Further 1ml syringes at same appointment £200

Advanced Medical Toxin treatment

Advanced Medical Toxin treatment prices
Migraines from £500
Trapox/shoulder slimming £950
Barbie arms Botox £850
Calves £850
Hands and feet sweating/hyperhidrosis £650
Under eye Botox £150
Neck spasms from £800
Haytox – ideal for Rhinitis and hay fever £300