Fillings – repair & replace

Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have become decayed or damaged.

As time passes, amalgam, or silver metal based fillings can make the surrounding tooth appear grey and unsightly.

Old mercury based fillings can now be replaced by safer, modern tooth coloured filling materials that are not only highly aesthetic but also functional and durable.

Amalgam fillings (black or silver)

Do not bond (stick) directly to the tooth surface – unlike the composite (white) fillings – and hence have to be trapped within the tooth structure – sometimes this means that more of the natural remaining sound tooth has to be removed to help keep the amalgam fillings in place – this can be more destructive for the long term success of the tooth.

Composite fillings (white)

Are bonded (stuck) directly on to the tooth surface, thus strengthening the remaining natural tooth structure, they can feel very natural and are colour-matched to the surrounding tooth, making them appear almost invisible.

Whether amalgam fillings pose a health risk or not is a matter of controversy and the research has yet to definitely point one way or the other.

If you are worried about this potential problem with amalgam fillings then please ask us for more details as we have alternatives that can be used.

If you are unhappy with your old silver fillings why not ask one of our
cosmetic dental surgeons about upgrading them.

For teeth which require larger fillings, a crown may be indicated